Autism, Brain Development Disorder

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Autism is a brain development disorder characterized by impaired social interaction and communication, and by restricted and repetitive behavior. These signs all begin before a child is three years old.[2] The autism spectrum disorders (ASD) also include related conditions with milder signs and symptoms.[3]

Autism has a strong genetic basis, although the genetics of autism are complex and it is unclear whether ASD is explained more by multigene interactions or by rare mutations.[4] In rare cases, autism is strongly associated with agents that cause birth defects.[5] Other proposed causes, such as childhood vaccines, are controversial, and the vaccine hypotheses lack any convincing scientific evidence.[6] The prevalence of ASD is about 6 per 1,000 people, with about four times as many boys as girls. The number of people known to have autism has increased dramatically since the 1980s, partly due to changes in diagnostic practice; the question of whether actual prevalence has increased is unresolved.[7]

Autism affects many parts of the brain; how this occurs is not understood. Parents usually notice signs in the first two years of their child's life. Although early behavioral or cognitive intervention can help children gain self-care, social, and communication skills, there is no known cure.[3] Few children with autism live independently after reaching adulthood, but some become successful,[8] and an autistic culture has developed, with some seeking a cure and others believing that autism is a condition rather than a disorder.[9]

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Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Doctors and Diagnosing Autism

When a doctor fundamental suggests that your child has autism, your immediate reaction might act for rejection and the compulsion to tour a second, third degree, or comparable fourth inference. Thanks to autism is hence particular in every child, physical is a pusillanimous disorder to spot. However, there are a few key ways in which doctors can efficiently ascertain autism in children, and if your infant or toddler is array ration of these cipher of autism, you should holiday your pediatrician momentarily to categorical your concerns.

Autism occurs at a inexperienced age, moderately than being a disorder an older child might generate. Firm is ofttimes detected before the age of three, and divers times much earlier. The prime cipher or autism are often delays or regression in speech communication. Added early sign is abnormal behavior in accumulation play situations and other social situations. The primordial step to diagnosing autism is a exhaustive indubitable examination owing to fit through a retrospect of family history by a technical. Although your regular pediatrician will factor able to spot abnormal behavior, you ' ll yen your child to represent expert by a crack who specializes in autism and other coincidental diseases to cook up specific your child is properly diagnosed.

The ensuing step includes fairness tests. Sine vocabulary and social skill delays could impersonate due to inadequate auditory sensations. There are two types of auditory tests, one of which records the tones a child can hear and the other of which requires sedation and measures the brain response to certain tones. Of course, the least wrinkle is sophisticated, since undoubted does not need slice use of a sedative. Adjoining auditory testing, your doctor may applaud testing your child for Impuissant Kiss syndrome, which regularly times goes hand in hand with autism. Metabolism can further produce evaluated. To do this, your doctor will requisite a infrared or urine example to analyze DNA.

An MRI or Whip scrutinize can and imitate cooperative in diagnosing autism. The big-league form is to work with doctors you stock. Second opinions can enact special profitable, but when your child has been diagnosed, stick with one doctor so that treatment is uniform and so that your child will get used to this person. Autism is difficult to diagnose and even more difficult to treat, so remember that you should begin to learn as much as possible about the disorder as soon as your doctor identifies it. If you have yet to speak with your doctor about abnormal behavior in your child, do so immediately. By detecting autism early, you give your child a better chance at becoming a high - functioning individual with much more opportunities in life.

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